Bartlett Dining Options

  • Lunch & dinner available!
Adults - Lunch
Adults - Dinner Hattie Evans & Rhonda Lee Lower Dome
Adults - Dinner Rhonda Lee Upper Dome
Children (4-12) - Lunch
Children (6+) - Dinner Hattie Evans only
Infants - Lunch only

The Bartlett excursion offers a longer and more relaxing train ride that takes you “over the river and through the woods.” You’re invited to sit back and enjoy the passing scenery as you travel through fields and woodlands, crossing the East Branch, Saco and Ellis Rivers on the way to Bartlett. Here you also have the opportunity to watch the locomotive “run around” for the return trip to North Conway. As the name implies, the Valley Trains stay in the Mt. Washington Valley; they do not travel into the mountains.

Relive the golden days of railroading as you travel aboard the elegant Dining Car Chocorua. Built in 1929 for service as a coach on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, “Car 2570” was remodeled and put into service here in 1992. A three-course lunch is available daily in season on the 11:30 departure to Bartlett.


On the Dinner Train, you have two cars from which to choose:  the Hattie Evans, or the Vista Dome Dining-Lounge car, the Rhonda Lee, offering seating on two levels.  Both offer a 3-course dinner with a choice of entrees prepared to your order, and tables are covered in white linen tablecloths.

Dinner is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings weekly through October 24th.  October 25 & 26 are  Murder Mystery Dinner Trains, as are November 1 & 2.

Please note:  Dinner is only available for children 6+ years old on the Hattie Evans and for adults only (21+) on the Rhonda Lee.  Thank you for your understanding.

In the true spirit and tradition of railroad dining, you may be seated at tables of four with other dining car guests.