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Steam Engine #7470

Steam locomotive #7470 was built by the Grand Trunk Railway Point St. Charles Shops at Montreal, Quebec, in 1921 with serial #22/1500. It is a coal fired switching locomotive with an 0-6-0 wheel arrangement; it has 51” driving wheels and 22” x 26” cylinders. It develops 36,700 lbs of tractive effort.

The weight of the locomotive in working order is 87 tons and the tender weighs 65 tons. The locomotive is equipped with super-heaters. Originally built as Grand Trunk Railway #1795, it soon became Canadian National Railway #7470, Class 0-18-a. It was acquired in 1968 by Dwight Smith, and in 1974 joined the start-up Conway Scenic Railroad as #47. It was renumbered to #7470 in 1989.

The engine was out of service for the last four seasons while we performed a major, federally-mandated inspection and overhaul.  The work took place right here in our roundhouse with the aid of a specialized contractor and has been successfully completed.

#7470 is the very first locomotive that Conway Scenic owned and operated, and we know that it has a special place in the hearts of many who come to ride on our railroad.  With the completion of the required work, we expect to see her operating here for many years to come. Her official debut this year was on June 29th for an excursion to the Mount Washington Regional Airport in Whitefield. On 10:30 & 1:30 departures on Sundays and Mondays through August, Steam is scheduled to be the motive power on the Conway line, which was the first route on which Conway Scenic Railroad operated. Thank you for your interest in #7470. We hope to see you this year!


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