First Class vs. Coach Seating

First Class

Lower Dome

The Lower Dome of our Dome Car Dorthea Mae offers 24 reclining seats in a climate-controlled car. It’s always on the Notch Train in season, then on the Valley Trains from late November till the end of our season, then again on weekends in May. The First Class cars all offer more leg room than Coach.

Notch Premium Upper Dome Seating from Above

Upper Dome

The Upper Dome of the Dorthea Mae is also climate-controlled. It’s considered to be Premium Seating and has its own rates, coded under “Dome” in reservations. It offers 24 non-reclining seats with panoramic views in all directions. The Upper Dome sells out well in advance, months ahead of time for fall foliage excursions, so please plan accordingly.

CP Reed

The CP Reed offers 68 reclining seats and is a climate-controlled car. As with the Dorthea Mae, it’s on the Notch Train in season, then on the Valley Trains on both ends of the season.

Gertrude Emma Seating in Wicker Chairs

Gertrude Emma

The Gertrude Emma is a beautifully, restored 1898 Pullman Parlor Observation Car. She offers 39 individual wicker seats, large windows that open (no A/C), and a snack bar. This car is always on the Valley Train.

Coach Seating

The Coach cars on the Valley Train all date back to the 1920s. The Coach cars on the Notch Train were built in 1952. Coach seating on all trains is the traditional bench seats associated with old-fashioned train travel. All Coach cars are naturally climate-controlled with windows that open. Well-behaved dogs are alway welcome in Coach.