The Dining Car Hattie Evans

Dining service is available “The Hattie” on the Mountaineer Train and for dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturdays.

Dining on the Hattie Evans is available on our Mountaineer Train with the purchase of a Mountaineer Train First Class Package.  To view the lunch menu, please click here.

Dining on the Hattie Evans is available on our Twilight Dinner Train to Bartlett.  To view the menu, click here.

Please note: Regrettably, our dining cars are not handicapped accessible.

Hattie Evans was a real person who lived with her family in the Mt. Willard Section House in Crawford Notch from 1903 to the early 1940s. We are proud to honor the memory of this incredible woman by conferring her name on our beautiful new dining car. To read more about Hattie Evans herself, please visit the history section of our website.

Historic Photo of Hattie Evans