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August 2017

The Wheel Report

Our little blue friend Thomas and his best friend Percy recently spent two long weekends here in North Conway with us. We had a magnificent time. They have since returned to the Isle of Sodor, and things are slowly returning to normal around here.

This past Friday, we celebrated Conway Scenic’s 43rd birthday with half-priced excursions, plus live entertainment, children’s activities, free balloons, birthday cake, and lemonade. Lots of families were here for an old-fashioned railroading experience at old-fashioned prices!

1751 with our new freight car at the Whitefield Diamond

For a number of years, we have had our eye on some former NHVT, TWIN STATES railroad equipment that was stored in Whitefield, NH. A week ago, we were able to run to Whitefield to pick the equipment up. We picked up a 40′ B&M boxcar (built 1953) and a Maine Central pulp rack conversion. The pulp rack was obviously converted from a low sided gondola, and the car carries a date of 1967 which I take to be the date of conversion.

I sent 1751 to Crawford Station along with 252 the day before we were to go to Whitefield. We kept it there overnight and then when up to Hazen where we met the New Hampshire Central RR crew. They piloted us down across the famous diamond and into the siding behind Jiffy Mart. We went in and twitched out the two cars that we were looking for and then returned to Hazen. On the way back to North Conway, we cut a lot of low overhanging limbs in preparation for the “Red Ball Special”. That is the name of the train we will be running out to the diamond on Sunday, Sept 3, as part of this year’s Railfans’ Day events. By the way, First Class is pretty well sold out but we still have some coach seats available.

There is plenty more to talk about, but I am on vacation, and I’m about to take the grandkids mini-golfing!

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Conway Scenic Railroad.


Paul Hallett