Dining Options on the
Notch Train

Notch Train Service resumes on June 11th

Dining Options

Advance reservations recommended.

Dining on the rails is a tradition dating back to the mid-to-late 19th Century, when railroads across the country began offering meal service as an alternative to the roadhouses that were located at their water stops.  As competition among the railroads increased, dining car service was taken to new levels, and today a fascination with this tradition continues.

On our Notch Train, you have a choice of two dining options:

The Hattie Evans

Dining Package: With this option, you first choose the type of passenger car seating that you want, Premium in Dorthea Mae’s Upper Dome or Screening Room, or First Class in Dorthea Mae’s Lower Dome or the CP Reed, then choose between an 11:30 or 1:30 seating in our beautiful dining car the Hattie Evans.  Here, you will enjoy a 3-course meal, dining off the menu, complete with friendly and attentive service.  Before and after your lunch, you will ride in the passenger car that you have selected.

Riding Round-trip in our Vista Dome Dining-Lounge Car, the Rhonda Lee:
This is the newest addition to our fleet of cars and is dedicated to dining.  Unlike the package option, you will be riding and dining in the same car for your Notch Train excursion

The 3-course menu is the same as on the Hattie Evans.  The Upper and Lower Dome sections of the Rhonda Lee have 24 seats each  and there is also a small lounge on the lower level that can accommodate up to 10 people and is open to all passengers in the car.

For the history of this car, please click here.

Please note: Regrettably, our dining cars are not handicapped accessible.  In the true spirit and tradition of railroad dining, you may be seated at tables of four with other dining car guests.

We welcome groups on our Dining Cars! For more information, please email Gay Howe, or call her at 603-356-5251, ext. 12. She’ll be happy to explain your options. With advance reservations, the dining cars may be booked for groups of up to 95 people by special charter.