Autism-Friendly Day Out With Thomas™

15 & 22 July 2018

There will be a special “Autism-Friendly” train on both Sundays, July 15 & 22,  at 3:15 p.m. For this departure, our First Class car CP Reed will be reserved for families who have a child on the spectrum.

We are federally-mandated to blow the horn at all crossings, so we can’t eliminate the whistles altogether. However, our First Class cars are climate controlled with closed windows, which does help to reduce the noise, and the speakers in the car will be turned off.

Volunteers from the Mt. Washington Valley Children’s Museum will have handouts from Imagination Station for the children (temporary tattoos, coloring sheets, etc.). Frodo “The Walking Tank” (a Sulcata Tortoise from Africa) will be on board, too.

Because this is the last Thomas train of the day, you will not be rushed to get off the train once it returns to the station so that others may board. Rather, your child can spend up to another 15 minutes on the train, interacting with the conductor and train crew to the extent that he or she wants.

Tickets are $22 for ages 2 and up, and reservations may be made by calling 800-232-5251 or 603-356-5251. If you have any questions please contact Susan Logan, tel: (603) 356-5251, ext. 21, or email her at [email protected].

We hope to create happy memories for children – and their families – who would not otherwise be able to enjoy this event.